Somehow, we have made it to the end of our stay here in Martin. In many ways, it feels like we only arrived four days ago, but we have said a bittersweet goodbye to our students, celebrated the new things happening at the CCE, and (mostly) packed our bags. In just […]

Didn’t We Just Get Here?

Today is it, it’s our last day in Slovakia and I must say it’s a bitter sweet feeling. When we first stepped foot into Martin and got off that bus I wasn’t sure what to really expect. I have heard many stories but as we all know stories cannot prepare […]

What a Journey It Has Been

The day after we arrived in Slovakia, we attended the local church. That particular Sunday there was not a huge attendance at the church. In fact most folks in attendance would be considered senior citizens. I asked a question to which I received a startling answer: “Where are all the […]

We Will Proclaim the Praiseworthy Deeds of the LORD

As I write this, some of my Serving Slovakia teammates are putting the finishing touches on the clean up of the classrooms, some are running off to buy last minute souvenirs or to have one last ice cream with their students, others are beginning the process of packing for the […]

Water Walking

On Thursday, the Intermediate English class did a Photo Scavenger Hunt around the Martin Pedestrian Mall. Here are their photos:

Intermediate Scavenger Hunt

I have attended New Heights Church for a number of years and have seen the announcements to join the “Serving Slovakia” team each year. But an annual family obligation in the month of July has always prevented me from looking into it. This year the opportunity to join the team became […]

Thoughts of a first-timer

This trip has been absolutely wonderful in ways that I never could have imagined! I’ve been enjoying this country and the students immensely. But I’ll be honest: yesterday I hit a bit of a rough patch. It wasn’t anything specific. It was just one of those days when you feel […]

Hobbits and Hard Days

The end of our first week in Slovakia has arrived and we’re all in the midst, one way or another, of considering the implications of what’s happened so far. Speaking for myself, I can say that I’ve enjoyed the time immensely but there have certainly been challenges. I think one […]

First Week Ponderings

                                                            On Sunday afternoon 60+ high school freshman, school leaders, and American leaders left for the annual week-long camp.  The point […]

High School Camp – Tuesday Afternoon Update

  Our Global Outreach team left for camp yesterday. The campus always seems so much emptier and less energetic with them gone. Sort of like a helium balloon a few days after a party; still afloat but drooping ever-so-slightly and much less buoyant. We also miss their positive energy in […]

Missing Them Already

  Sunday afternoon we were blessed to have our Slovak “son”, Jan, and his fiancee, Zuska, drop by Martin for a visit. They arrived in time to see our team members who were heading to high school camp before the camp bus left. We think Jan knew all of them! […]

Our Slovak “son”

I had never given much thought as to why teaching English in Martin was used as a church outreach tool. The school president, Bohdan, explained to us that traditional US outreach methods don’t work here. Parents don’t generally see the value of sending their unchurched children to a vacation bible […]

Why are we teaching English?