Cheri Chavers

If I had to name the biggest emotion I’m feeling on the day before we leave, it would be happily overwhelmed. I have been flooded with messages of support yesterday and today from seemingly out of the blue. I have loved the body of Christ for over 30 years and am continually amazed at the support and love we offer each […]

Happily Overwhelmed

Today is a gorgeous Sunday morning! We do have a few prayer requests: One of our team members is very sick. I’ve switched into mom mode (which I’m sure she loves) but nothing could help more than prayers for healing. Some of the luggage won’t be here until Tuesday, including a teacher’s suitcase with all her teaching materials. A Monday […]

Prayer Requests

Unlike Brenda’s adult students, my pre-intermediate students were more than ready for the weekend.  Our class consisted of 8 – 13 year olds who need the break as badly as their teachers do! It has been fun to see the kids go from shy and unsure to asking us for our autographs for the back of the class pictures today. Erika […]

Our First Week Is Over

On Saturday we were treated to a day in Slovakia’s capital city. It’s three hours by bus with castles dotting the roadside along the way. We started with a visit with Jan Hroban who used to be a pastor in Martin but is now pastoring in Bratislava. The  church building used to be where couples went to get married during […]


I had never given much thought as to why teaching English in Martin was used as a church outreach tool. The school president, Bohdan, explained to us that traditional US outreach methods don’t work here. Parents don’t generally see the value of sending their unchurched children to a vacation bible school or backyard bible club. But Martin is sort of […]

Why are we teaching English?