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I am not the person pictured in the red poncho.

  This is will be my fifth trip to Slovakia in 8 years. Although we have a few team members who have returned every year, I am definitely considered an old-timer. As I read the blog posts of some of the “newbies” I am a little envious of their excitement and that hint of trepidation that comes from facing the […]

Here We Go Again!

I just want to take a moment to thank all of our friends and family back home who are doing so much to support us on a daily basis. We have received notes of encouragement, emails, Facebook messages, and a few of us special handmade treat bags with scriptures applicable to our situation. Many of these communications are from former […]

So Much Encouragement!

  Our Global Outreach team left for camp yesterday. The campus always seems so much emptier and less energetic with them gone. Sort of like a helium balloon a few days after a party; still afloat but drooping ever-so-slightly and much less buoyant. We also miss their positive energy in our English classes. One of the highlights of our week […]

Missing Them Already