Lori Dillard

As I sat in the Serving Slovakia Send-off last night, a wave of fear rushed over me – “I can’t go to Slovakia and teach English and be an effective witness for Jesus!” I have been to Slovakia several times before so this fear seems so irrational to me. “Piece of cake!” or “I’ve got this mastered” are the thoughts […]

“I Can’t Do This!!!”

There is something awe-inspiring as well as something scary about a diving board. A person is expected to go to the edge of a little tiny platform and propel herself off into the great unknown water below. But the result of conquering this fear brings such satisfaction and a willingness to try again – to be brave and bold in […]

Preparing to Jump!

The day after we arrived in Slovakia, we attended the local church. That particular Sunday there was not a huge attendance at the church. In fact most folks in attendance would be considered senior citizens. I asked a question to which I received a startling answer: “Where are all the people my age – the 30’s and 40’s age group?” […]

We Will Proclaim the Praiseworthy Deeds of the LORD