Daily Archives: July 2, 2015

How come, every time I look at my suitcase, it appears smaller and smaller when I haven’t even begun to pack it?  Could it be because of the growing heap lying alongside?  Quite possibly!

How come?

If I had to name the biggest emotion I’m feeling on the day before we leave, it would be happily overwhelmed. I have been flooded with messages of support yesterday and today from seemingly out of the blue. I have loved the body of Christ for over 30 years and am continually amazed at the support and love we offer each […]

Happily Overwhelmed

There is something awe-inspiring as well as something scary about a diving board. A person is expected to go to the edge of a little tiny platform and propel herself off into the great unknown water below. But the result of conquering this fear brings such satisfaction and a willingness to try again – to be brave and bold in […]

Preparing to Jump!

  This is will be my fifth trip to Slovakia in 8 years. Although we have a few team members who have returned every year, I am definitely considered an old-timer. As I read the blog posts of some of the “newbies” I am a little envious of their excitement and that hint of trepidation that comes from facing the […]

Here We Go Again!

Only 12 short hours from now and the team will be reunited for our departure from PDX to Amsterdam, Budapest, and eventually Martin, Slovakia. Pray for calm minds and restful sleep tonight for all of the team members (and their families).