Happily Overwhelmed


If I had to name the biggest emotion I’m feeling on the day before we leave, it would be happily overwhelmed. I have been flooded with messages of support yesterday and today from seemingly out of the blue. I have loved the body of Christ for over 30 years and am continually amazed at the support and love we offer each other. So many of God’s children have been sending me their prayer support and I am overwhelmed.

Prayer is by far the biggest “donation” we need and as far as I can see, you guys are on it! Thank you for loving our team, loving the people of Slovakia and being the literal hands and feet of the Gospel.

There are a few specific things I can think of for you to be in prayer about.

  • The heat – it’s going to be hot when we’re there and there isn’t air conditioning. I know a few team members are concerned about holding up.
  • Connecting with our students – school isn’t fun in Slovakia, but the crazy Americans make it fun! Pray that we can break through their preconceptions quickly.
  • Monday, the first day of classes – for various reasons, this year is a little different than before especially for the pre-intermediate English speakers teaching team. Our lead teachers, Brenda and Lori, don’t really know what to expect and might have to organize groups/lessons with little preparation. Pray for their nerves and stamina.

Thank you doesn’t seem adequate for all you’ve done for us, but thank you nonetheless. You are treasured and loved.