Preparing to Jump!


There is something awe-inspiring as well as something scary about a diving board. A person is expected to go to the edge of a little tiny platform and propel herself off into the great unknown water below. But the result of conquering this fear brings such satisfaction and a willingness to try again – to be brave and bold in the midst of uncertainty.

While it has been over 20 years since I’ve been on a diving board, I still remember my six and seven year-old self timidly walking to the edge of one and over-coming the fear that I would disappear under the surface of the water never to emerge again. Over and over I would jump off the board, each time trusting that I would rise to the surface. Of course, I did.

Our Serving Slovakia team is experiencing some of the nervous excitement at the anticipation of jumping off the “diving board” (in less than 24 hours) into seeing how God is going to work in our lives and the lives of the Slovaks this summer. We trust that as we take the jump, God will hold us up and let us “rise to the surface.” And He will!