And we’re off!

Greetings everyone!


One last group briefing outside the check-in area at PDX

We met at PDX at 11:30 this morning for departure, got checked in, and are now waiting to board our flight to Amsterdam. While there were a couple speedbumps this morning, we worked through them; some resulting in the outcome we were hoping for, some not. It’s a great reminder that God’s plan is bigger than ours, and often different as well. The important thing is that we remembered to live out our team motto of “be flexible” and are taking everything in stride.

As I write this from the gate area, I must ask for continued prayers for our travels today. Our flight out of Portland has been delayed by roughly 45 minutes, cutting our connection time in Amsterdam short by a significant and needed amount. Prayers that we get out of Portland quickly and make up time in air would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I want to give a huge shout out to all of the people who came to send us off at the airport this morning. Friends, family, past team members, whatever your association with the team: THANK YOU! 

The next update should come from Europe! Catch y’all on the flip side!