Yesterday we got to visit the nearby town of Ẑilina.  It is bigger than Martin with two good-sized malls and lots of places to eat snacks, ice cream and dinner. The town is full of history that doesn’t have the full meaning until it is experienced.  We were lucky enough to have a student as an interpreter and a guide.  She told us that the town was destroyed in the Middle Ages but was then rebuilt in the 13th century.  Everything had so much history!  She was also a great shopping and dinner buddy!

We had another student from the town spend some time with us and he took us to his Lutheran Church.  The vicar (kind of associate pastor) was there and we were able to go inside and see it for all its beauty. The vicar shared some history and some of the work that is currently happening in the church.  God is working! The student was so excited and so proud of his church.  We got to look around, hear the beautiful pipe organ, and we even got to go up to the top of the bell tower!  At the top, we saw the bells and we got to look out on the rolling hills and the remarkable town.

It was such a unique experience full of splendor that is rooted in the work that God has done in the country.  It is evident that He is present in the beauty of the people and the landscape.  I am excited to see and hear more!