Our First Week Is Over

Evening at the Zilina train station

Evening at the Zilina train station

Unlike Brenda’s adult students, my pre-intermediate students were more than ready for the weekend.  Our class consisted of 8 – 13 year olds who need the break as badly as their teachers do! It has been fun to see the kids go from shy and unsure to asking us for our autographs for the back of the class pictures today.

Erika already mentioned the trip to Zilina. The visit to the church and the over the top, spur of the moment hospitality is something I’ll never forget. The Slovaks are a very loving people.


Today I took my four students to the Martin town square to look for things they would need for a vacation. They were to find the price of each item. Once they explained to the employees what they were doing, the employees would scurry around the store showing them prices. One lady even showed us a sale so we could save our imaginary Euros.

Tomorrow will find us in Bratislava playing tourists. A former pastor from the Martin church is now pastoring there and he is excited to show us his church home. The church will feed us lunch and we’ll have a few hours to explore the city along with a tour of the castle there.

A closing story from Zilina….try explaining to Slovak teenagers why Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo. And then share with them the concept of “hangry.” They laughed equally hard at both, but were much more confused about crazy Americans celebrating an event that has nothing to do with them.