Piece of cake, right? 1

You’d think doing EFL in Slovakia might get easier after doing it several  years, right? Not so. At least not this year. My laptop disappeared in the airport, and on it was my materials used for teaching and my way to access the Internet to find additional resources. Also on it was the email addresses for my prayer group, so I couldn’t let them know the challenges I have been facing so they could pray. Last week the classroom was packed with students wanting to work on their skills in English, and the weather was hot! There was only one thing I could do. Pray! Times like this is when I have to lean on God and trust He knows the WHY behind what’s happening. When I feel helpless and don’t know how to respond, I can find peace in the circumstances, because I know God is the one in control. Not me. Words from a song I have heard many times on the radio have been a great reminder to me in the midst of these challenges. “I am for you. I’m not against you.” God is for me in the good times and in the midst of the times I am struggling. I just need to continue to lean into Him.

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  • Mary Rose

    i’ve been praying specifically about things like this, that God would provide for needs and empower your team to work through challenges that arise. May God continue to bless your team.

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