Overlooking Bratislava and the Danube river

Overlooking Bratislava and the Danube river

On Saturday we were treated to a day in Slovakia’s capital city. It’s three hours by bus with castles dotting the roadside along the way.

We started with a visit with Jan Hroban who used to be a pastor in Martin but is now pastoring in Bratislava. The  church building used to be where couples went to get married during the communist regime. And yet again, as we have seen over and over, the very places that were being used to silence God are now proclaiming Him in complete freedom. Pastor Jan wanted to make sure we knew how very much Pastor Matt’s teaching and the ministry of New Heights has meant to him over the years.


Pastor Jan on the left and a church elder on the right.

After a delicious lunch they provided we toured a nursing home that the church operates. It’s housed in an old church the communists siezed, tried to destroy and was ultimately returned to the church as restitution. They have done a beautiful job repairing and modernizing it for the residents.  

After that it was time for sightseeing. We visited a castle then were on our own to explore the old part of town. It was fun to see the US embassy (complete with the only security fence I’ve seen and posted guards) and to walk the narrow cobblestone streets.


It was a wonderful day!