Missing Them Already



Our Global Outreach team left for camp yesterday. The campus always seems so much emptier and less energetic with them gone. Sort of like a helium balloon a few days after a party; still afloat but drooping ever-so-slightly and much less buoyant. We also miss their positive energy in our English classes.

One of the highlights of our week will be visiting them on Wednesday. It is always a thrill to see how much they have accomplished in so little time. The purpose of this camp is to facilitate bonds of friendship and trust between the incoming freshmen at the English high school run by the CCE. It is a joint effort between Slovak counsellors and our own team and has the potential to be a life-shaping event for the campers and leaders alike.

Several of our team members have experienced significant health challenges and injuries our first week here. I know they will appreciate your prayers for their wellness, a good balance of restful sleep and energy, and positive working relationships among the leaders. D’akujem! (Thank you!)