High School Camp – Tuesday Afternoon Update

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On Sunday afternoon 60+ high school freshman, school leaders, and American leaders left for the annual week-long camp.  The point of the camp is to build relationships and give the students an idea about what they can expect at school this coming fall.

We have the awesome privilege of getting to work alongside the Lutheran High School teachers and principal to help this process.  The high school has hired an American couple to help teach English immersion and athletics at the school.  They have joined us for camp and have been a real blessing!  There is also a small group of Serbian students and leaders that have only added to the great times we are having.

As of Tuesday, we have all gone through so much!  The students have played many physical and strategical games, they have learned new names and formed new friendships, and they’ve become more comfortable and opened up more in conversation with leaders and with each other.  I even got to share my love of line dancing with them!

We have also spent some time with improving conversational English.  We created “Facebook Profile Posters” where students write and talk about their background and interests.  There is even a place for them to write on each other’s walls and become friends.

Please continue to pray for us as we work to help guide these students in better relationships with each other and better relationships with the God who loves them more than we know.  Pray for God to work in all of us and to continue to reveal His plans for the students and for our own lives.  Pray for safety and good health and great weather as we continue working and having a great time this week.