Thoughts of a first-timer

I have attended New Heights Church for a number of years and have seen the announcements to join the “Serving Slovakia” team each year. But an annual family obligation in the month of July has always prevented me from looking into it.

This year the opportunity to join the team became available to me. My husband was not able to go so I invited my granddaughter to join me. I am 70 and she is 23 years old….a good bonding time. All the travel arrangements were made for us. The flight was tiring, but it was worth every minute. I was worried that my age and bad knees would be a hindrance, but that did not prove to be the case. There was always someone close by to assist, if necessary.

Diane and Mikala

Serving Slovakia has been an honor and a privilege and has truly broadened my horizons. In the classroom, with no past experience, I am helping students improve their English. I’ve made new friendships and strong bonds with other team members and have seen examples of how, in the face of disappointment, challenges and change of plans, one turns to the Lord in scripture, song and prayer.

It saddens me as I look ahead to the last day this Friday when I say goodbye to our students and to Saturday when we leave Slovakia. But what I take away from this trip will stay with me and “Lord willing” I will return again like so many of the other team members.

Think now about joining the “Serving Slovakia” team next year….you won’t be sorry!