We Will Proclaim the Praiseworthy Deeds of the LORD

passing the torchThe day after we arrived in Slovakia, we attended the local church. That particular Sunday there was not a huge attendance at the church. In fact most folks in attendance would be considered senior citizens. I asked a question to which I received a startling answer: “Where are all the people my age – the 30’s and 40’s age group?” The respond I was given: “Remember, people your age were raised under communism. Most don’t believe that there is a God or if He does exist that He wants anything to do with them.”

Then, the following day our host was presenting the ministry of the Center for Christian Education (CCE) to us. He was recounting that the nation of Slovakia had once been a Christian nation for thousands of years. Within the 40 years of communism, Christianity was forbidden and not taught to the children. The nation forgot God. It is so like the book of Judges where in a relatively short period of time the children of Israel forgot the One True God. Parents neglected to teach their children about who God is and what He had done for them.

Yet, the solution was simple for the people of Israel – to remember God and look to Him for salvation and guidance. The same is true for Slovakia and for us in America. One way the Christians in Slovakia have found to help folks remember God and turn to Him is to educate the children. The CCE is doing a marvelous job at trying to transform an entire generation for Christ. Preschool-high school aged students are presented with Truth and it is changing their lives. As their lives are transformed, their families want to know more about our Savior.

As I return to America, I am challenged to both actively live out my faith and well as verbally proclaim what God has done in my heart. Will I be faithful to pass my touch of faith to a future generation? I pray so.

Psalm 78:4 – “We will not hide them from their children; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, His power and the wonders He has done.”