Daily Archives: July 13, 2008

Two planes, one bus ride, lots of laughs and no sleep later – we’re here!! It’s Sunday morning as I type and the gang is about to gather at the Lutheran Church for services.  We have to pick up our headphones beforehand – since none of us is fluent in Slovak – so I better go before they’re all gone. Thanks for praying – more to come…

We’re Here!!!!

We’ve just met with Michal and Katka Valco.  Michal is the director of the Bible School in Martin and Katka is the coordinator for the trip.  They say we’ll have over 100 students!  Our group of students will include the director of the Slovak National Library and… the Mayor of Martin!!!  Please pray as both of these men can have a major impact on the future of the Bible School. […]

Time to Pray!