Daily Archives: July 22, 2008

Well, maybe not like flies, and maybe not really dropping, but, as we end our second Tuesday here, we have another person out sick – and maybe another on the way.  We’ve either brought a bug with us, or picked up a new Slovak one, but either way we need prayer as we continue our second week. Rather than mention names, please pray for everyone to either get or stay […]

Dropping like…flies?

Tonight, Mark and I had the privilege of having dinner with four amazing men – Bohdan Hrobon, Adrian Kacian and Michal Valco (the three men who lead the Bible School) and Jan Hrobon (the pastor of the local congregation).  All four are true visionaries and missionaries in every sense of the words.  They get what ministry is about; they live every day by faith; they give their hearts and souls […]

Water Walkers