Daily Archives: July 24, 2008

In spite of less than ideal weather, many of the New Heights group, as well as members from the California, N. Dakota, and Chicago contingents, toured the historic city of Kremnica yesterday. We visited the oldest operating mint in the world, a historical museum of the town, a retired gold mine, and a lovely old church that had once been a castle. Afterward, we had time to browse for souvenirs, followed […]

Afternoon in Kremnica

These are some of  “our girls” as we call them.  Each day, they faithfully, cheerfully and selflessly serve us by making us breakfast, lunch, snacks for breaks, and coffee. They clean up after us and the students. They look for opportunities to help and serve. They’re a delightful group of young women and, as was true last year, they take very good care of us. The group of girls may […]

Our Girls