Daily Archives: July 15, 2009

Hello from Martin, Slovakia.  I arrived here on Monday evening, which was a couple of days later than the rest of the team.  Upon arrival, I immediately joined right in with the rest of the group.  Some of my team members would tell you that I was a little bit loopy that evening, but that’s what 24 hours of travel and a nine-hour time difference will do to you.  The […]

And so the planning continues…

So, it’s really, really hot.   Really.  I keep reminding myself that it’s not nearly as hot as our first year here – and definitely not as hot or humid as it is in Indonesia right now (where the Impact Indonesia team is serving at this time) – but somehow that doesn’t seem to be cooling me off, although it is a great reminder to be praying for that team. […]

Prayer request and a miracle (or two)