Daily Archives: July 14, 2010

Although still feeling somewhat confined, we were very excited to be through with airports and planes for a while! In the comfort of our air conditioned bus we began to enjoy the scenic four hour drive from Vienna to Martin, as some of us dozed off and on, while others stared wide-eyed at the beauty of the rural countryside.  Both of these stunning sights could be seen from the rest […]

The Drive to Martin

Great news! Lenka and Pauka were talking more today! It’s as though a switch went on or something. They were adding to discussion and asking more questions. God is so good! And of course Dominika and Katka continue to talk and grow. It’s so amazing to watch our class learn. And Dana is doing such a wonderful job. Please pray for her as she prepares her lessons and tries to […]

Great News!

Hi Everyone! I can’t believe this is already the end of Day 6! While at times it feels like we’ve been here in Slovakia for a long time already, at others it seems to be going by so quickly. Just yesterday our team from Elevate found out that we will in fact be going to the camp we had planned on originally, and Michal will hopefully be taking us to […]

Day 6-Wednesday