Daily Archives: July 17, 2010

what can i say, this has been the most wonderful crazy stressful weeks, but i am loving every moment of it. We didn’t know till day 5 that we would be doing the overnight camp due to the count of students coming. But in Gods plan it is happening. And i am very excited for it. All the nervous/excited feelings i got the day before we left the states vanished […]

Day 7 oh my..

barely surviving in this jungle, don’t know how much longer the elevate team can take this scorching heat and the BIG thunderstorms. We are definitely going to be needing help from YOU and the BIG GUY up stairs for prayer to KEEP GOING and strive to the finish line. We will come across the need for patience with one another to work well together and will have to lean on […]

Going on day 8

Ahoj! I can not really express into words just how amazing this experince has been for me, but I will try: The experience of traveling was not something I really enjoyed. The airports were hot and I did not sleep on any of the flights. But honesly that has been the only bad experience (well that and never being able to cool off lol). But really, God is working in […]

The week recap

Hey all, I just want to say thank you for so much support by checking this blog. I want to say sorry that the posts have been coming slowly, but internet has been a commodity around here. The trip is going well and it is amazing to see God at work (in our lives as well as those around us). For me, it has been wonderful connecting with the youth […]