Daily Archives: July 18, 2010

One of the biggest frustrations for me personally here is the unreliable internet, coupled with my relative incompetence in navigating it. Somehow I always seem to find a way to make things harder than they have to be. I also feel strongly that computers are like cats; they know whether you like them or not and treat you accordingly. The text I prepared to accompany the picture in my previous […]

Katy and Lucy: Take 2

Saturday was a long day full of wonderful sites and I am exhausted. We left at 6:45AM to travel to Spissky Hrad (Castle), the largest Castle in Central Europe. The trip was about 3 hours and well worth it. The castle was just as beautiful as the last time I saw it three years ago. After Spissky, we traveled to Kezmorak where we visited another gorgeous castle, a breathtaking wooden […]

Castles, Churches and Campers

Well….registration and check-in is going on right now for the Elevate Youth Camp up in the mountains for Slovak High Schoolers. We’re taking off in about 40 minutes for the camp and won’t return until Friday evening. Updates from the camp may be sporadic and in the form of text messages, as we don’t really know if we’ll have any sort of internet access at the camp to upload pictures […]

Youth Camp

Well, we made it to camp safely!! Despite the bus being as wide as the road and a cliff less than a foot away from the edge of the road, we made it! We just finished dinner and have all unpacked, set up the meeting room, and are just socializing now. Our total number of students is up to 27, and 12 leaders. This is a HUUUUGE change from the […]

We’re here!

To reiterate what was said in the post yesterday by Matt, we are now at camp!!!!! It is cold here, a stark contrast to the sweltering heat of Martin. The students seem to be enjoying things. Some more reluctantly than others. It has been fun connecting with students, even though it has only been 1 day. The leadership team of the camp consists of the 5 students from Elevate and […]

Good morning!