Daily Archives: July 22, 2010

As I think about our time here in Slovakia over the past two weeks or so, I simply cannot think where the time has gone! We are now beginning our last full day here at BCSC camp, and the skies seem to hold the promise of yet another beautiful day. Each day we spend here is more fun than the last, and since tonight will be our last night meeting, […]

Nearing the end…

Relationships… That’s what Serving Slovakia is all about. I just finished reading the blog entries by our team members at the youth camp. Relationships was a reoccurring theme in each entry. Whether at the youth camp or here in the EFL classes here in Martin, it is one of our main purposes in Martin besides teaching English. Building relationships with the students and helping build a relationship with the Bible […]

It’s all about relationships…

We’re in our last five hours here at camp and still have a LOT to do today. I don’t have time to write too much right now with everything, but wanted to give a quick update. Last night we held our second annual talent show which consisted mostly of impromptu acts and the Elevate team completely humiliating themselves (but in a good way!) We sang very random songs as a […]

Down to the wire