Monthly Archives: May 2011

Hello friends! My name is Elizabeth Englund, and as part of the team of students from Elevate, New Heights’ college ministry, I am so blessed to have been partnered with such amazing individuals! I have had the privilege of traveling to Slovakia on the team twice before, and each year brings new challenges as well as huge blessings! I am not joking when I say that our team from Elevate […]

An introduction may be in order…

This weekend was our Global Outreach training camp. The teams from the college group that are being sent out to Slovakia (that’s us!) and Indonesia got together for one reason, to grow.¬†What a weekend! It was just incredible the things that we accomplished together as a team, the ways we have grown together as a family, and grown closer in our¬†relationships with God. I can truly say I would trust […]

A New Web of Friendships