Daily Archives: July 9, 2012

A car, three planes, a bus, and nearly 24 hours. That’s what it took for us to arrive safely in Martin, Slovakia. And overall, the trip went without a hitch. The only major problem is that my daughters don’t sleep when we travel. Ever. Especially my youngest. You’d think that a 6-year old who got up at 3am after only five hours of sleep would have no problem sleeping on […]

Two Days in Slovakia

First day class jitters are over for volunteers and students.  For me, being my first time, this day was full of new experiences.  I learned that a smile and a handshake can go a long way in bridging the language gap.  We had  a fun afternoon with our class after a morning of assessing.  I’m sure that everyday will hold a new adventure.  I can’t wait!

first class day