Daily Archives: July 10, 2012

Serving Slovakia is comprised of three groups within a greater whole this year; each with a different set of tasks, yet all with the same purpose. No matter what our role on the team, our goal is to serve the people of Slovakia in any way we can. To understand a little more about the what we’re doing here, the attached video will explain our overall mission and what our […]

What is Serving Slovakia about?

I think I am tired.  I know I am thrilled to be here.  And I know that already I love the class of eager (mostly ;o) beginners  who are coming with smiling faces every morning to learn one of the most difficult languages in the world!  God is faithful!

I Think . . . I Know . . .

Children bring me such joy! One of my favorite times with them today was right after lunch. The beginning English language learners were waiting for class to begin when I began asking them how to say words in Slovak. Before I knew it I had four ten and eleven year old girls  all circled around me teaching me  new vocabulary words. We were all laughing pretty hard at my feeble […]

The Joy of Children