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It is so strange to think that something we train for months for can go by in just a few short days! We’ve been here at camp in the mountains for 4 days now, and I just can’t believe that it is almost over. The start of camp is always an experience of mixed feelings for me because it’s so exciting to be meeting so many new people, yet scary […]

Wait, so camp is almost over?

We are in our second to last day of camp, I can hardly believe it is almost over. It has been such a growth experience. I have met so many wonderful students over this trip and will miss them dearly when we have to leave. We hope to be able to spend some time with them when we get back to Martin. It is amazing how bright they all are! […]


This is my third year in Slovakia, yet, I still feel like I am learning new things every minute! The town of Martin looks very much the same, the food still tastes as good and the schedule is very similar to the last few years…but something still feels as though this is the first time. God places us in situations where we may be either comfortable or uncomfortable, but in either, […]

Connections: New and Renewed

We’re almost at the end of our first week in Slovakia. The jet lag is entirely gone, the temperature has cooled enough for us to sleep with the windows closed, blocking out the street noise below, and were still having a great time. This is the first time my wife and I have been to Slovakia–indeed, anywhere in Eastern Europe. So we’re having plenty of new experiences. But what really […]

Doing Missions with Kids

Last night we traveled south to visit with the students at the Be Cool Stay Cool camp. We enjoyed delicious BBQ’d Slovak sausages and a chance to visit with the high school students. One student came up and asked me if I remembered him. He had been in English classes for a week two years ago. He seemed pleased I remembered his name. Next, Kirsten and I visited with Kate, […]

Building relationships

We’ve reached the middle of our first week in Slovakia. The worst of the jet lag is behind us, though we’ve discovered that some Slovakians really like to sing and yell on their way home after the bars close. And we’ve also noticed that most of them like to walk right past our open window. So I’m now up a tad earlier than normal. But as a morning person, I […]

A Lesson in Humility (Slovakia Days 3-4)

  This is a broad topic and several others have written wonderful verbal snapshots of the week, but I will add a few more since each year in Slovakia, and each person’s experiences, are unique. When asked earlier in the week what my favorite part of the trip had been so far, my answer was twofold. First, I listed the pleasure of getting to know the other members of the team more intimately. Upon […]

Week One Highlights and Reflections