Daily Archives: July 20, 2012

Wow, the last day.  Looking back, the rest of the trip seems like an instant and yet tonight is the night of the ending party.  So many relationships, so many prayers, so many laughs, and a few tears as well, but here we are staring at the last few hours of Slovakia 2012. It is the last chance to speak terrible Slovak and watch all of the kids make fun […]

The Last Day

My wife and I lived in Scotland for a couple of years. And, in many ways, making the transition to Scotland was much easier than moving to a place like Papua New Guinea. The language and culture of Scotland are similar enough to America that we could navigate through society fairly easily. One thing we noticed, though, is that when two cultures are rather similar, it really makes the differences […]

This Isn’t Kansas Anymore: Life at a Slovak Summer Camp

As I think about the ending of my adventure in Slovakia, I become introspective. There have been many highlights of the trip.  I will share a few lessons I will never forget. First has been the learning to minister to others and love them right where they are at. I had some challenging students this year and yet, I was able with God’s help to enter  into their lives. Instead […]

Never the Same