Daily Archives: July 16, 2013

Wow! It’s pretty crazy to think that we are at the half-way point of camp, and in the final stretch of the trip! Spending time in the classrooms the first week was amazing, and many blessings and great friendships were started through that time. Now, we are here at camp with about 50 amazing students! Although the first day was a little uncomfortable, the ice seems to now be broken […]


Today was yet another amazing day at camp! The kids are really starting to warm up to us, making for more meaningful conversations. Today we were also able to visit a dairy farm which included jumping around in a giant hay barn, tasting fresh cheese and even milking a few cows. The kids are beginning to make some good progress in the daily workshops as well. They are learning skits, […]

And the camp fun continues!

Today was yet another test of flexibility for the EGMT camp.  We talked through the day in the morning and had plans for English classes and sports; however, before long we ended up at a dairy farm watching cows being milked by a giant farm device many kids liked to call “the octopus machine.”  For a person who enjoys having a day planned out, trips like this are a mini […]

Halfway through already…