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This is my fourth trip to Slovakia, and sometimes people wonder what draws me back. Certainly I have a love of travel, which was probably the primary reason I came the first time if I am completely honest.  It also serves to invigorate my faith as I focus intentionally on serving God through serving people, and working as a team with other believers to accomplish this purpose. And frankly, it’s […]

Why I Return

For some people, they say the happiest place on earth is Disneyland. Martin is my Disneyland, it is the trip that makes me so much more excited for summer to get here. This place is in my thoughts all throughout the year, I’m thinking, praying, and wondering how it is doing… I try to keep up with my friends I’ve made in creative ways. The last three summers have been […]

HS camp is next week!

Slnečné okuliare! Translated into English means “sunglasses” and is more difficult to pronounce than it is to read if you can believe it, hahaha. A student taught me this after I asked him how do you say sunglasses in Slovak. The students are just as overjoyed to teach us Slovak as we are to teach them English and its been an amazing exchange of language, culture, life, friendship, and Jesus. […]

Slnecne Okulaire!

My students are very talented!  The Slovak people do love to sing and dance and put on plays, and from what I’ve seen, they are very good at it!  I share with you a skit, written and performed by  a few students from the Advanced English class.   God bless them one and all for they are a terrific group of people!  And God bless my Table Teachers for they […]

A little fun with skits!

What is this trip to Slovakia? I thought it was called Czechoslovakia? Is the money worth it? Can you really make a difference? Why are you going there? Students will ask “why we are here?“ I believe the answer is that we are here wasting time and not making a difference…if we are here on our own power that is. As John 15:5 states “apart from me you can do […]

Stormy Evening Musings