Daily Archives: July 18, 2014

Words to describe it : scary – my initial concern was ‘What will my students be like?’ I have 2 sixteen year-old, 1 twenty -two year -old university student, an English teacher married w / 2 children, a married mother of 3 who works at the Slovakian National Library here in Martin. I need not have been scared because they are all delightful individuals. Excitement : All of the students […]

First week of English classes – impressions

Do I believe in God — or do I believe God? Do I trust in God or do I trust God? Isn’t the preposition redundant? My Slovakian friend Bohdan tells me that ‘believe’ and ‘trust’ originate from the same Greek root. I can say, “I believe you, God”. Pray that we are His face, His hands, His voice, His love after lunch today.

What do you believe ‘in’?

Serving Slovakia has been a good reminder to me about what it means to be a servant. Serving is not about seeking payment for my actions because I will be rewarded but about giving because I am able. Being a servant takes more than our own will and desire but goes beyond our own heart. A servant’s heart looks into the heart of God. To see how He sees, to […]

A Servant’s Heart in Slovakia