Daily Archives: July 19, 2014

There is nothing quite like a 12th Century church service to whisk away the spiritual cobwebs and get the heart and tear glands moving again! I have been to this church many times in the years I have been to Martin, and every time, without fail, I am not allowed to get through it without shedding tears of reverent joy. It is an honor, always, to stand where others centuries […]

Beautiful, Heavenly Music

What does trying to blow bubble gum bubbles have to do with learning English? Well, take a look at these photos. You can almost hear the giggles as bubbles explode, and feel the smashed sticky bubble gum on faces, and see the fun in the eyes! That’s what brings our students back day after day FUN! Now, just who is having more fun–the students or the New Heights team members? […]

Bubble Gum Bubbles

Wow, what a day! After a wonderful week of teaching English in the classrooms we were given the opportunity to go out and explore Slovakia. First, we visited Terchová and rode gondolas up to Chleb peak and went for a beautiful hike. The whole team made it up to the top of the peak and by the time we made it to the bottom we were ready for our haluśky […]

A Day of “Rest”

In four visits to Slovakia this is possibly the fullest day I have ever spent here! We began the day with a bus ride to a ski area called Chata Vratna-Chleb. We rode gondolas to the chalet, and then hiked to the top of the mountain for the reward of stunning views of the Tatra Mountains and surrounding countryside. Even though the distance wasn’t terribly far, the steep, rocky terrain […]

All Tuckered Out