Daily Archives: July 20, 2014

The first day or two this week felt long but looking back now, the entire week just flew by! I am enjoying time this afternoon (Sunday) resting and reflecting while anticipating and preparing for the week ahead. Two of my students won’t be participating in week 2 (Marcela and Elena) and I’ll miss them both. We’ll likely have new students to inculcate and that will undoubtedly bring both promise and […]

First Week Reflections

“Jesus came to free us from the fear of the shadowlands – of being swallowed up by the darkness of discouragement, doubt, and depression. He is Light, and He banishes darkness” (Ruthless, Stern, p.127).  I’m so thankful we serve a God who is Light and who shines His Light into our dark places. This year in particular, I have been experiencing some intense attacks from the evil one. He doesn’t […]

Ready, Set, Fight!

God’s unfailing faithfulness and home folks’ ongoing prayer–we simply could not do without either of these! (Oh, and maybe chocolate!!!!!)


The campus was a good deal quieter and less energetic this afternoon with the departure of our Global Outreach team, off to lead a 6 day New Heights-style camp for the incoming freshmen of the CCE high school. The EFL team and the Slovak students have enjoyed so much having their lively participation in class during our morning sessions the past week.  We are excited for their opportunity to serve […]

And So They’re Off…