Daily Archives: July 22, 2014

So, here we are after the first full day of camp. What a ride it has been already. For weeks we have been praying for the Lord to prepare the hearts of the students and to give us the words and activities to best reach them. It is incredible how He answers. Our first activity of all camp was to create “physical Facebook” pages with the students. The point was […]

Facebook Friends: Update from Camp

After 3 pm we had a real downpour!  It has continued to rain (now 11 pm) and it will continue all day tomorrow.  Please pray that our team and the campers will have a rewarding experience in spite of the weather.  May many decide to become Jesus’ disciples…    

Heavy Rain for Campers

Here I sit in a small dormitory room 5000 miles from home. How did I get here and what’s it all about? The how-I-got-here question is easily answered: Delta Airlines. North  to Canada, east to the North Atlantic, across the southern tip of Greenland, then south to Amsterdam. A 2-hour hop on KLM to Budapest, then 4 hours by bus to Martin. The WHY of it is even less complicated. […]

Reporting Live from Martin, Slovakia

Each year, in preparation for our time in Slovakia, the Serving Slovakia team reads a book together. This year we read and studied Ruthless: Knowing the God Who Fights for You by Bo Stern. It’s one of those books that packs a whole bunch of eye-opening spiritual truth in a deceptively small and simple package. The overall theme of the book is this: when battles come our way – and […]

Magic Wand?