Daily Archives: July 28, 2014

We’re back home now.  This was my first trip to Slovakia.  Here are the two main things God spoke to me about. One I expected something big, but received something humbling instead.  How so?  Well first, some background about my loud spring. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March and then watched The Lord fully remove it in a marvelous way. During this same time I watched my consulting […]

Lord of the Harvest

That is how Terka described herself and her friends this afternoon.  Their teen friend Adam was killed last Wednesday when he was accidentally electrocuted.  Sadness was palpable both at camp and the classrooms.  Adam’s funeral was today and many of our students, now our friends, were there.  Our hearts ache for their loss.  As our two week mission ended Friday night, we joined students as they spontaneously initiated prayers for […]

Happy facade but we’re broken inside…