A Day of “Rest”

Wow, what a day! After a wonderful week of teaching English in the classrooms we were given the opportunity to go out and explore Slovakia. First, we visited Terchová and rode gondolas up to Chleb peak and went for a beautiful hike. The whole team made it up to the top of the peak and by the time we made it to the bottom we were ready for our haluśky (a delicious potato pasta, like mac n’ cheese)  lunch! After lunch we toured the Orava Castle, which was built in 1247. We learned some valuable history about Slovakia and climbed approximately 670 stairs. We ended our site seeing at Istebné wooden church; Bohdan (director of Christian Education Enterprise) shared with us the history of his family and impact they had around Europe for Christ! We were able to see a Czech bible that was over 400 years old! It was truly amazing hearing how  even during difficult times in history (Communism in Europe/ World War Two, Christianity was still able to be spread from town to town. This can be seen as a major encouragement to us as fellow Christians who are trying to spread the love of Christ. We finished out the day with yet another traditional Slovak meal. Tired and with full stomachs we headed back to the bible school for some rest. Tomorrow is church and the promise of some real rest. Please pray as we send off the Global Outreach team to the high school camp tomorrow at 2pm. Thank you for all of your prayers!

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