A Lesson in Humility (Slovakia Days 3-4)

We’ve reached the middle of our first week in Slovakia. The worst of the jet lag is behind us, though we’ve discovered that some Slovakians really like to sing and yell on their way home after the bars close. And we’ve also noticed that most of them like to walk right past our open window. So I’m now up a tad earlier than normal. But as a morning person, I really don’t mind all that much.

Holy Trinity Cathedral (Zilina)

The last couple of days have come with some great experiences and one important life lesson. On the “experiences” side of the equation, we’ve spent a lot of time just getting to know our own team. We joined this team rather late in the process, so we weren’t able to make most of the team meetings before the trip. We had to introduce ourselves to several team members at the airport, and didn’t meet some others until we arrived in Slovakia. So much of our time over the last few days has been about relationships. And that’s been good.

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