Afternoon in Kremnica

Dinner with some California Friends

The Castle that Became a ChurchIn spite of less than ideal weather, many of the New Heights group, as well as members from the California, N. Dakota, and Chicago contingents, toured the historic city of Kremnica yesterday. We visited the oldest operating mint in the world, a historical museum of the town, a retired gold mine, and a lovely old church that had once been a castle. Afterward, we had time to browse for souvenirs, followed by a delicious dinner at a local restaurant.

Several of our students were able to attend with us, which added to the richness of the memories we made there. We have also made some special connections with members of the other teaching groups from the States.

All in all, it was wonderful afternoon, made perhaps a bit bittersweet by the knowledge that our time here will be ending soon.  The classes have all begun preparing special musical presentations for our final day tomorrow. That should be a lot of fun! I hope someone brought a video camera!!

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