This evening…second to last in Martin for the year! What? Where did the time go? It has already been two weeks?!?!?

What started out as a “Cameron with a bad attitude” trip, has turned into one of the most spiritually significant years that I have been on for this trip to Slovakia. I entered the first few days of this trip thinking that perhaps I had misinterpreted God’s will or that there was no way possible that I could top the previous 3 times I have been to Slovakia. And to an extent, maybe that was just me missing the point. I don’t think God calls us to anything for the purpose of bringing glory to ourselves, we are beings made to worship HIM and when I choose to worship my own accomplishments, I will fail 10 times out of 10.


This week, we have been blessed with so many easy openings with students to share God’s love and to feel his love through the Slovak people. Our students have asked us for prayer for sick family members, comfort over the loss of a friend and even for God’s guidance on their next steps in life. It has truly been a remarkable few weeks. All possible because of God and nothing to do with my own great abilities to be an awesome person (which lead me to an early feeling of failure).

This evening, I was invited by two students from the English classes to join their church’s version of Elevate/Journey (College/20’s age group). As I stood there, praying and awkwardly trying to “sing” along to songs whose lyrics I could not understand, I was hit with something surprisingly profound. These people are also created to worship and they were worshiping the same God that I know. Because I know and love him, it doesn’t matter that the language gap, I know the God that is being worshiped and therefore, I can worship with them…lyrics or not! In this moment, I felt closer to God in a place where I was the only native English speaker, the only person raised Baptist and the only American (let alone, the only one that lives in Hawaii). I had to ask myself why this was? All I could think was Hebrews 13:14 For this world is not our home; we are looking forward to our city in heaven, which is yet to come. This world is not my home! It should make sense that when I strip away the silly daily distractions and quiet my mind long enough, no matter the differences from my comfort zone, that when I focus on God, I should feel most at home.

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