Amazing Love 1

I’m still “processing” all that went on in Slovakia.  There is so much to absorb.  The number one surprise for me was how urgently and compelled I feel to change for the better – in a way that glorifies God (tears come thinking how blessed those two amazing weeks in Slovakia were).   Certainly I had been told it would be a great experience and that ministering to our Slovak students while teaching English would be very rewarding, but I had not anticipated God working on my heart as he has – calling me to a purer, more holy life, laying aside the sin that so easily entangles and pressing on to the high calling of Jesus.

I pray you will all experience Jesus’ transforming love as I pray I will, so that others may be impacted by our lives and come to know God’s amazing love!  I cannot adequately express to the Serving Slovakia team how they have touched my heart, encouraged me and inspired me to walk more closely with our blessed Savior.  Thank you God for the precious gift of serving you – wherever we are in the world.

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