And so camp begins… 2

First day and a half of camp… wow.

As always seeing the kids come off of the bus for the first time was a little intimidating.  The language barrier is often a hurdle that keeps students from talking with us and so it is always nerve-racking to see how they will react to these foreigners hanging around.  But God showed up big.  In the last few days the kids have been participating fully in all of the activities, and music has proven to be an amazing bridge between worlds for me specifically.  Playing piano and singing with these students has opened conversations and started relationships like I have never seen before.

One conversation stands out.  I was talking with a student named Marek about going into the new high school at the Center for Christian Education (CCE) and he said this: “I am so excited.  Christian schools like this one have not opened for a while and I am excited to be one of the kids to be in the first class!”  This conversation was humbling for me.  Clearly these kids understand the gravity of what this school means and are ready to be the building blocks for not just CCE, but for all of Martin and Slovakia.  God is doing incredible things here and to just be a small part of it is incredible.

Please keep praying for energy as we go through long days with these students and that God would just show His love through us.  His Kingdom come and Will be done.

– Drew Bryant


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