Brenda Fast

Just imagine: “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” ala bossa nova (OK, so that may not be spelled correctly, but you get the idea!). Add a rhythmic What a Friend to the gorgeous acoustical effects of a centuries-old Lutheran church. Stir in Slovak, Zambian, and English worshippers, and the effect is astounding. You can only imagine. We, on the other hand, experienced it– just moments ago. I’m breathless! God […]


The first verse team members memorized for our Serving Slovakia outreach begins with “I am sending you to them to open their eyes . . .  . ”   Maybe that was code  for “See you at the airport at 4AM Friday???????  


I think I am tired.  I know I am thrilled to be here.  And I know that already I love the class of eager (mostly ;o) beginners  who are coming with smiling faces every morning to learn one of the most difficult languages in the world!  God is faithful!

I Think . . . I Know . . .

I will have soooooo much more room in my bags–when we come home, that is.  Right now, not so much!!!!!

If my computer were an orchestra right now, it would create a symphony of zinging music that fills my heart every time I stand before these precious students to teach them, but more importantly, to respond to their eager (well, usually anyway!) and laughing faces. By the way, the symphony would never end!!!!

Music to my heart…

Love this country, I must say. Can’t wait for worship with so many familiar faces later this morning. Now, the language will take some readjustment!!!! :o)


What does trying to blow bubble gum bubbles have to do with learning English? Well, take a look at these photos. You can almost hear the giggles as bubbles explode, and feel the smashed sticky bubble gum on faces, and see the fun in the eyes! That’s what brings our students back day after day FUN! Now, just who is having more fun–the students or the New Heights team members? […]

Bubble Gum Bubbles

God’s unfailing faithfulness and home folks’ ongoing prayer–we simply could not do without either of these! (Oh, and maybe chocolate!!!!!)