Cal Swanson

I’m reading J. Oswald Sanders in prep for this trip and allow me share a quote: (John 15:16) “You did not choose Me, but I chose you.” Our position is in no sense a reward for merit. It is the sovereign choice of our Master…He chose His disciples in full knowledge of the instability and weakness they would display…He made His selection after a night of prayer. He knew that […]

let’s hear it for our prayer teams!

Words to describe it : scary – my initial concern was ‘What will my students be like?’ I have 2 sixteen year-old, 1 twenty -two year -old university student, an English teacher married w / 2 children, a married mother of 3 who works at the Slovakian National Library here in Martin. I need not have been scared because they are all delightful individuals. Excitement : All of the students […]

First week of English classes – impressions