Today was the first day of teaching the English classes. I was placed in the beginner class (possibly due to my lack of ability to speak English). It was a wonderful experience, some of the students were very functional in conversations in English while others were very new to the language. The moment of the day that truly popped out as a time to connect with students was when the […]

Monday in Martin

Hey all, I just want to say thank you for so much support by checking this blog. I want to say sorry that the posts have been coming slowly, but internet has been a commodity around here. The trip is going well and it is amazing to see God at work (in our lives as well as those around us). For me, it has been wonderful connecting with the youth […]

To reiterate what was said in the post yesterday by Matt, we are now at camp!!!!! It is cold here, a stark contrast to the sweltering heat of Martin. The students seem to be enjoying things. Some more reluctantly than others. It has been fun connecting with students, even though it has only been 1 day. The leadership team of the camp consists of the 5 students from Elevate and […]

Good morning!

Today was a good day at camp! It was my very first time giving a talk with a translator, quite a different feeling! Also, the connections with students have been growing. We went on a hike to a traditional Slovak village. The best part of the hike was the opportunities that arose to speak 1-on-1 with students with their full attention…Also, several of us got a chance to milk sheep […]

Camp Day 4

Good morning (or at least it is here in Martin)! I am sitting here in the town square using the free public wifi hotspot, life is great! The morning is cool, as we just were blessed with a thunderstorm in the night. This is a very good fact when you consider that in a few short hours, students will be coming into classrooms that get direct sunlight, and typically become […]

Classes Begin!

Prior to begining the hustle of the morning, we were able to pause for a powerful time of prayer, it felt as though the morning was nothing but in God’s hands! Our prayer time was spent dedicating the teachers and their classrooms to the Lord and to his plan. What a blessing! Once students arrived, we were reminded that first impressions are generally made in the first few seconds of […]

Day 1: A Recapitulation

Today, our group was able to see some more of that beauty that is Slovakia. We were able to tour a castle as well as take a river rafting tour down the River Dunajec, along the Slovak/Polish border. The day even allowed for a quick crossing of the river into Poland! What seemed like just a day of fun actually allowed many opportunities for spiritual significance. Firstly, the trip took […]

“The Love of Christ Compels Us!”

In as short of recap as possible, God has allowed some great connections to form this year! It is neat to see how God can take an ounce (or mustard seed) of faith and do something great with it. As we come down to the final few days of classes, we are looking to make the most out of every moment we have with our new friends. Getting to have […]

A Blurb

This is my third year in Slovakia, yet, I still feel like I am learning new things every minute! The town of Martin looks very much the same, the food still tastes as good and the schedule is very similar to the last few years…but something still feels as though this is the first time. God places us in situations where we may be either comfortable or uncomfortable, but in either, […]

Connections: New and Renewed

Greetings! We are now 1 day down on J-Camp (think Camp Surf/Camp Getaway, but with much fewer students…who don’t speak English). Our team has been meeting regularly with Lubka (one of our interns from a few summers back), in order to prepare for camp. As I wrote earlier, we are here in much of a support role for the camp…Lubka is the one who really put the effort into planning […]

J-Camp: Day 1

What is this trip to Slovakia? I thought it was called Czechoslovakia? Is the money worth it? Can you really make a difference? Why are you going there? Students will ask “why we are here?“ I believe the answer is that we are here wasting time and not making a difference…if we are here on our own power that is. As John 15:5 states “apart from me you can do […]

Stormy Evening Musings

This evening…second to last in Martin for the year! What? Where did the time go? It has already been two weeks?!?!? What started out as a “Cameron with a bad attitude” trip, has turned into one of the most spiritually significant years that I have been on for this trip to Slovakia. I entered the first few days of this trip thinking that perhaps I had misinterpreted God’s will or […]