This is my first trip to Slovakia and I have learned so much I can’t begin to process it all yet, but one thing I’ve really loved has been visiting the camps. We brought several young people and one family of four whose primary purpose has been serving in a high school and then a middle school camp for Slovak youth. We, as the EFL members of the team, have […]


Here I sit in a small dormitory room 5000 miles from home. How did I get here and what’s it all about? The how-I-got-here question is easily answered: Delta Airlines. North  to Canada, east to the North Atlantic, across the southern tip of Greenland, then south to Amsterdam. A 2-hour hop on KLM to Budapest, then 4 hours by bus to Martin. The WHY of it is even less complicated. […]

Reporting Live from Martin, Slovakia

So…it’s over. 2 weeks in Slovakia have flown by and the parting today with all the students, kids and adults alike, was, as Shakespeare said so well all those years ago–“sweet sorrow.” I tried to explain this concept to my group–how something can be both sweet and sorrowful at the same time. For non-native English speakers, it was a bit difficult, but I think they eventually got it. The parting […]

Heading Home