Dear friends and family in America, Tonight marks the end of our first week in Slovakia and boy was it a full one!  It’s strange to think we have only one more week left of this amazing place before we head back home.  The week that I have had here in Martin has been one that will leave an impression on me forever.  Being a late addition to the Serving […]

Wow, what a week!

Wow, the last day.  Looking back, the rest of the trip seems like an instant and yet tonight is the night of the ending party.  So many relationships, so many prayers, so many laughs, and a few tears as well, but here we are staring at the last few hours of Slovakia 2012. It is the last chance to speak terrible Slovak and watch all of the kids make fun […]

The Last Day

First day and a half of camp… wow. As always seeing the kids come off of the bus for the first time was a little intimidating.  The language barrier is often a hurdle that keeps students from talking with us and so it is always nerve-racking to see how they will react to these foreigners hanging around.  But God showed up big.  In the last few days the kids have […]

And so camp begins…

Today was yet another test of flexibility for the EGMT camp.  We talked through the day in the morning and had plans for English classes and sports; however, before long we ended up at a dairy farm watching cows being milked by a giant farm device many kids liked to call “the octopus machine.”  For a person who enjoys having a day planned out, trips like this are a mini […]

Halfway through already…

Today I would have to say was the best day yet… and also the most tiring.  Funny how those two things so often coincide.  Anyways the hike was an awesome opportunity to chat with some students that I had not gotten to know yet and also presented the time to dig a bit deeper into what exactly Jesus means to them. After the hike, we had the rest of the […]

Day 3…

I now sit here driving back from the camp and it is hard for me to wrap my head around where exactly these last 16 days went.  Yesterday, I was saying goodbye to friends at PDX and today I am packing for the trip home again.  At the same time, this journey has been packed with so much for me – most notably the gaining of a new perspective. At […]

Lessons Learned

So, here we are after the first full day of camp. What a ride it has been already. For weeks we have been praying for the Lord to prepare the hearts of the students and to give us the words and activities to best reach them. It is incredible how He answers. Our first activity of all camp was to create “physical Facebook” pages with the students. The point was […]

Facebook Friends: Update from Camp