Elizabeth Englund

Hi Everyone! I can’t believe this is already the end of Day 6! While at times it feels like we’ve been here in Slovakia for a long time already, at others it seems to be going by so quickly. Just yesterday our team from Elevate found out that we will in fact be going to the camp we had planned on originally, and Michal will hopefully be taking us to […]

Day 6-Wednesday

Hello All! I would like to say a big thank you to all of you wonderful people who are checking our blog for updates on our time here in Slovakia! Already, we have seen the effects of your prayers, for example, several times we asked for prayers that there would be a change in the extreme heat and humidity when we came here to the camp, and God has been […]

Day 2 of Camp!!

As I think about our time here in Slovakia over the past two weeks or so, I simply cannot think where the time has gone! We are now beginning our last full day here at BCSC camp, and the skies seem to hold the promise of yet another beautiful day. Each day we spend here is more fun than the last, and since tonight will be our last night meeting, […]

Nearing the end…

Hi All! It’s a couple of days after the trip, so I’m wondering who will even be seeing this, but I thought I would make a post-trip post anyways. Haha, post-trip post, I crack myself up…can you tell I’m a little tired?? Last year when I returned from Slovakia, I was tired, but not so much from the jet-lag, and I was sleeping normally. But this time around, I slept scarcely […]

The jet lag is killing me…

Hello friends! My name is Elizabeth Englund, and as part of the team of students from Elevate, New Heights’ college ministry, I am so blessed to have been partnered with such amazing individuals! I have had the privilege of traveling to Slovakia on the team twice before, and each year brings new challenges as well as huge blessings! I am not joking when I say that our team from Elevate […]

An introduction may be in order…

We have been here in Martin, Slovakia only 2 full days, yet it seems as though already it has been much longer! It has been so incredible to have re-connected with some of the students that I have met in the English classes and/or at Be Cool Stay Cool camp, and coming here yet again to visit and serve them has been like coming home. (that’s that good people part) […]

Good people, good times, and God things

Yikes! Is it really that time for our high school camp here in Slovakia already? It seems like we just got here! Oh wait, we did… As many of you know (and are praying about), our high school youth camp, formerly known as Be Cool Stay Cool, starts tomorrow morning when we head out at 9am with a busload of 12-18 year-olds! In the past, this camp has taken place […]

Tomorrow is…High School Camp!

It is so strange to think that something we train for months for can go by in just a few short days! We’ve been here at camp in the mountains for 4 days now, and I just can’t believe that it is almost over. The start of camp is always an experience of mixed feelings for me because it’s so exciting to be meeting so many new people, yet scary […]

Wait, so camp is almost over?