This trip has been fantastic so far!  Over the weekend of travel the team has created a bond (you would have to after 24 hours of traveling together, with little sleep!)   The final trip (a bus ride) from Vienna, Austria and Martin, Slovakia was a surprise to me…  it looked very much like the pacific northwest except for an occasional castle 🙂 (this picture was taken from inside the bus as […]

Going strong in Slovakia

I don’t know where the time has gone, but the fact is, I failed miserably with my blogging on this site! so sorry! This trip has been an amazing adventure…  The students are wonderful!  They dig in to what ever project we are working on…  and though they aren’t willing to volunteer, they participate very well (especially if they have to get up and speak in front of the class!). […]

Joy in Slovakia…

It’s so very exciting!  there’s only 7 days until we meet at the airport to start our journey to Slovakia.  It’s funny, for the longest time I worried about the finances (I’m such a control freak).  Friends kept saying  “if  God wants you to go, He will provide the funds”.   but I continued to stress about how it was going to happen and if this really was where God wanted […]

Where do I begin…