Lori Dillard

It’s the little things, the unanticipated ones, that are sometimes the hardest when preparing for a missions trip. Oops! The vitamins that I buy in bulk will run out smack dab in the middle of the journey. Have to run all over the area to find them in time. Oh, and don’t forget the suitcase! The one you were going to take has a broken wheel. (How did that happen?) […]

Unexpected Events

Children bring me such joy! One of my favorite times with them today was right after lunch. The beginning English language learners were waiting for class to begin when I began asking them how to say words in Slovak. Before I knew it I had four ten and eleven year old girls  all circled around me teaching me  new vocabulary words. We were all laughing pretty hard at my feeble […]

The Joy of Children

    As part of our beginning class, our fearless leader, Brenda, gave us the assignment of doing a “pretend”shopping trip to the market in order to learn the English names of fruits and vegetables. These young students showed Robin and I all the ways children have fun in the town center on the way: playing in the water running  down the string on the Martin sign, leading us to […]

Field Trip

As I think about the ending of my adventure in Slovakia, I become introspective. There have been many highlights of the trip.  I will share a few lessons I will never forget. First has been the learning to minister to others and love them right where they are at. I had some challenging students this year and yet, I was able with God’s help to enter  into their lives. Instead […]

Never the Same

Sing them over again to me, wonderful words of life…. Recently, I was on vacation to my childhood home where there is a piano I am able to practice on. As I was playing through a song book, I was encouraged by this old hymn, “Wonderful Words of Life.” Words have such power both to encourage and to wound. Nothing helps one practice speaking life-giving words more than living within […]

Words of Life

I’m afraid! I’m afraid that in all my planning for the trip I might have forgotten some little item or some minuscule detail. Did I really remember to pack my passport or my toothbrush? And how about my house? Will it be okay? Will the house sitter remember to water my plants or feed my cats?  Did I pay all the bills, charge all the electronics, wash all the dishes […]

The Antidote for Fear

“Jesus came to free us from the fear of the shadowlands – of being swallowed up by the darkness of discouragement, doubt, and depression. He is Light, and He banishes darkness” (Ruthless, Stern, p.127).  I’m so thankful we serve a God who is Light and who shines His Light into our dark places. This year in particular, I have been experiencing some intense attacks from the evil one. He doesn’t […]

Ready, Set, Fight!